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Summer Camp Forms

Please read and fill out the following form for camp.

    Guardian Name *

    Relation to Camper

    Cell Phone for emergencies *

    Email Address *


    Would you like to list an additional guardian? *

    Guardian #2 Name

    Guardian #2 Phone

    Guardian #2 Email Address

    Guardian #2 relation to Camper

    Camp Weeks (each day 9am-4pm)
    Please select which week(s) your child is attending camp *

    Camper Information (Name, Age, Pronouns) *

    Camper Information #2 (Name, Age, Pronouns)

    Camper Information #3 (Name, Age, Pronouns)

    Camper's address during camp week*

    Has your child attended Hunter Camp before?

    Please list any learning or behavioral support your camper may need (headphones, frequent breaks, focus check ins, etc)

    Describe the learning environment your camper thrives in (examples: high energy and movement, quiet small groups, needs frequent breaks, etc)

    Tell us an activity your camper enjoys

    Physicians name and phone number *

    Will your camper be taking medication during camp? *

    If so, list medications and times/regulations for administering child's medications

    Please share any camper's conditions or health considerations that you feel are important for camp staff to know

    Please list any allergies camp staff should be aware of

    Does your child carry an inhaler?

    Will you be sending your child with an Epi-Pen that you would like to give camp staff permission to administer if necessary?

    Approved Pick up List for camper *

    Is there anyone who DOES NOT have permission to pick up the camper? If so please list below

    I consent to the use of images of my camper(s) by the Hunter Museum of American Art. *

    By clicking this box below, you agree to having your camper(s) dropped off no later than 9am and picked up by 4pm each day of camp. Failure to do so may result in late fees. The Hunter does not provide before or after care at camp. *

    Please type your name below as signature. *

    Please type todays date below to date your authorization. *

    Thank you for information, we are so excited to see you this summer!

    For more information contact Kris Bespalec at
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    The Hunter is your community art museum. We strive to be accessible to as many people as possible. Your unrestricted, 100% tax-deductible gift to the Annual Fund supports our commitment to giving free admission to:

    - All children age 17 and under
    - Active military and their families
    - Families who attend our “Family Fun Days” offered three times a year
    - All visitors on the first Thursday evening of each month


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