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Gregory Scott Locket, 2010, Archival digital print, oil on panel, HD video, frame

Chattanooga Gems III

On View August 25, 2012 - October 14, 2012

Chattanooga Gems III offers a rare view of artwork drawn from private collections throughout the Chattanooga area. The city is lucky to have a thriving community of art supporters and collectors. This exhibition honors their contributions to the Chattanooga cultural scene and to the Hunter Museum.

Collecting art is a rather personal act, motivated by an individual’s interests and passions, and often reflecting an individual journey.  A Museum collection expresses the journey of a nation, a culture, a community. It mirrors our values and changing perspectives. Chattanooga Gems III brings these two ideas together by showcasing some personal art collections that have been built over time in our area, and by celebrating the 60 years of Hunter Museum collection.

Chattanooga Gems III presents artwork spanning the early 20th century to today, and offers a chance to see some of the finest in American art that is being collected in our region. The Hunter curators visited 17 Chattanooga area collections to choose the pieces in the exhibition.

Collectors in the area are interested in everything from realist historical painting to photography, ceramics, sculpture and video by contemporary artists. Elegant works by Reginald Marsh and Birge Harrison are highlighted alongside super-realist artist Richard Estes. At the other end of the spectrum are large abstractions by abstract expressionists and modernists, Kenneth Noland, Robert Motherwell and Richard Serra. The exhibition will also include prints by John Biggers and Robert Stackhouse, photography by Sandy Skoglund and William Christenberry, and sculpture by renowned artist Nam June Paik and Arman.

Chattanooga Gems III exemplifies the varied interests and concerns of collectors in this area, while illustrating and mirroring the diverse nature of American art.

The exhibition is also part of the celebration of the Hunter’s 60th Anniversary. When the museum opened in 1952, it was housed in the mansion and possessed no permanent collection. today, the Hunter encompasses three buildings, and has of collection of more than 3,000 works focusing on the history of American art. The exhibition, Chattanooga Gems III will be an important element in the celebration of the Hunter’s 60th year.


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