Hunter Museum & Educators

The Hunter Museum of American Art is a valuable community resource for all PreK-12 educators. Educators are encouraged to use the galleries as an extension of their classroom to strengthen and deepen learning on American history and culture, as well as to encourage critical thinking and debate. The objects in our collection can serve a variety of curricular goals, including:

English Language Arts & Literacy: Artworks can be used as texts to investigate character, setting, mood, and tone, as well as to ignite thinking on rhetorical arguments, creating empathy and exploring the senses

Social Studies: We collect objects from the United States beginning with the contact between Native Americans and Europeans to the present day. Our artworks can be used as documents for discussions on colonialism, slavery, industrialism, culture and traditions, government, economics, community, immigration, urbanism, civil rights, and globalization, among other topics

Mathematics: Our artworks are sites for exploration into shape, line, scale, pattern, proportion, balance and composition

Science: Our collection allows opportunities to explore our natural environment across time, technological innovation and inquiry, the states of matter, force and motion, energy and perception.

Teachers - to discuss ways in which we can unite classroom learning with the museum's collection contact Manager of School and Teacher Programs Christine Bespalec-Davis or (423) 752-0990

The educational programs at the Hunter Museum are made possible by the generous support of


The Hunter offers a variety of options for K-12, Home School, and Title 1 School tours. Follow the link below to learn more, schedule a tour, and let us know how we can best meet the needs of your students. In addition you will find visiting materials to aid in your next visit to the Hunter. Please reserve your tour 3 weeks in advance of arrival. Minimum 10 students per tour.

For all school groups, one adult chaperone or teacher is required per 10 students; their admission is complimentary. Additional adults are $15 each.


Our self-guided tours are free for regional school groups located within a 50-mile radius of the Museum, thanks to a generous grant from the Unum group.

Thanks to a special grant from Unum, the Hunter is able to partner with a select number of  regional Title 1 Schools to offer extended project-based learning experiences free of charge. Title 1 School teachers interested in developing an extended tailored experience for their students are encouraged to contact Manager of School and Teacher Programs Christine Bespalec-Davis or (423) 752-0990.

Tennessee public school teachers are also eligible to apply for subsides for docent and studio guided tours, as well as transportation expenses, from the Tennessee Arts Commission. Our programs are part of "Arts Appreciation." The Tennessee Arts Commission grant application is available here.



You may also exhibit student work in our Studio Hall Student Gallery on a month-by-month basis. Learn more below.