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Collection Spotlight

2019 Acquisition: Judith Schaechter

Judith Schaechter is renowned for her brilliantly colored stained glass pieces, each created through painstaking multi-layered process of engraving, sandblasting, painting and firing. Schaechter’s imagery is always narrative, but ambiguous, as the artist asks us to...

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2019 Spectrum Acquisition: Amber Cowan

  Amber Cowan creates fantastical assemblages of pressed glassware, paying ode to the history of glass manufacturing in the United States from Tiffany to Fenton Art Glass. Cowan gets her materials from now defunct glass factories, flea markets and thrift stores....

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Alyson Shotz: 2019 Permanent Lobby Commission

  In March 2019, we were delighted to unveil All Equations Are Wave Equations, the long-anticipated installation in the museum lobby by Brooklyn artist Alyson Shotz. The sculpture, inspired by and created specifically for the Hunter's 2005 building, takes...

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2018 Spectrum Acquisition: Gajin Fujita

  Los Angeles native Gajin Fujita draws upon his Japanese American heritage for his mural-sized, powerfully iconic and vibrantly layered paintings. Embracing two worlds, Fujita’s works combine elements from traditional Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints with...

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2017 Spectrum Acquisition: Wayne White

  This year, we are excited to acquire works by Chattanooga native Wayne White, the artist featured in the museum's current special exhibition Thrill After Thrill: 30 Years of Wayne White. In the last two decades, White’s inventive wit has come alive with larger...

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