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Get creative with art activities inspired by the Hunter permanent collection.

Art Activities

Enjoy these printable art activities that can be completed with a couple of items from your home. Each activity is designed for all ages levels.

Rainbow Bubble Sculptures

Using a recycled plastic bottle and food coloring, you can create your own unique floating rainbow bubble sculptures.

Portrait Props

Create a self-portrait with meaningful objects and symbols.

I Spy

Learn the building blocks of art with a fun game of “I Spy.”

Surreal Art Game

Here is a fun art game inspired by
the surrealists and the Dada movement artists to inspire you.

Photo Transfer

Using a simple photo transfer technique, you can transform the mundane into a meaningful treasure.

Make a Zine

Design and publish your own zine, make copies on a printer to share your art with others.

Coloring Pages


Puzzles and Games


Zoom Backgrounds


Take an Art Break

Join us on Facebook for a live art break, every Wednesday at 2pm. View our previous art breaks below for whenever you need one!


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Get art smart with articles, videos, lectures, and explore the Hunter’s permanent collection online.


Enjoy an art demonstration, watch art performances from the archives, or listen to a concert from the Hunter at home.

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