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Art of Everyday

Click through the steps in the box or download the pdf below to create a New Media artwork of your own.

Surabhi Saraf’s new media artwork, Fold, turns an everyday chore into a visual display of color, form and movement that is both spontaneous and choreographed.

“New Media” is a term used to describe artworks that use sound, video, digital photography, and editing to make a work of art.

In Fold, we watch Saraf fold laundry. Through editing the sound and grid of repeating images, she turns the mundane into something captivating. 

You can watch an excerpt from Fold below, or see the whole film in The F Word: We Mean Female! exhibition up through the end of 2020 at the Hunter.

Step 1

Think of an activity you do every day that involves movement, repetition, and perhaps an object or two – like eating cereal, brushing your teeth, or making your bed. 

Step 2

Think about how your body moves while doing that activity. What patterns are created? How do the objects move?

Step 3

Using a smartphone or other media device, capture yourself doing that activity. Try to look at it in a new and interesting way. Change your perspective, zoom in, change the color and speed, mirror or multiply the activity using filters. 

Step 4

Share! Tag the Hunter Museum (@HunterMuseum) with your Art of Everyday challenge on Instagram or Facebook. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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