Education is at the heart of the Hunter Museum of American Art. Learn by exploring the galleries with a friend and sharing ideas. Or, discover how to look more deeply at works of art while on a guided tour. Activate other senses while listening to a concert in the Hunter's Grand Foyer or discover your own artistic skills while taking an art class in our studios. There are infinite opportunities for learning and growth at the Hunter Museum.

Explore this section of the website to discover all of the educational options offered by the Hunter Museum.


Teachers can consult our educator section to learn more about scheduling tours, discovering links to classroom learning, or reserving our Education Studio Hall for an exhibition of student work.


Life-long learners can learn more about the Hunter's many programs and continuing education opportunities -- from workplace training to weekly events -- that combine a casual learning atmosphere with social experiences in our adults section.


Families can explore the many opportunities for youth audiences, including camps and classes, in the kids section.


Students can find out more about special discount rates, volunteer opportunities, and programs geared specifically for undergraduates in our college & university section.

Come and learn with us at the Hunter Museum of American Art.