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Community Organizations

The Hunter Museum works with a number of organizations that support various communities the Chattanooga area. Learn about some of them here and visit their websites to see how you can get involved.

Bethlehem Center

The Bethlehem Center runs an afterschool, summer camp and meal program for children in opportunity zones. It also operates as a foodbank and voting location. The center is run by Reginald F. Smith.


CALEB (Chattanoogans in Action for Love, Equality, and Benevolence)  works to address education reform, criminal justice, and economic mobility in Chattanooga.

Chattanooga Organized for Action

Chattanooga Organized for Action is a non-profit that works to initiate, support, and connect grassroots organizations to advance the local social justice movement. 

Community Bail Fund

Created by CALEB (see above), the Hamilton County Community Bail Fund helps individuals in jail who cannot afford bail. When a case is closed, the money returns to the fund for the next person in need.

Concerned Citizens for Justice

Concerned Citizens for Justice is a grassroots organization of community members, rooted in the Black Radical Tradition of Chattanooga and the South. 

Glass House Collective

Glass House Collective is a neighborhood revitalization project in the Glass Street area of Chattanooga. The organiation supports the local neighborhood by leading community projects, providing supplies to kids, creating murals, and more. Teal Thibaud is the director.

Reach One Teach One

/Girls in Leadership

Reach One Teach One provides opportunities for young people to learn about careers and connect with the community. They use sports, STEAM education, art, mentors, farming, and volunteer opportunities to teach leadership skills.

Purpose Point Community Health Organization

and Horton Keller Center for Traumatic Healing

The Purpose Point Community Health Organization and Horton Keller Center for Traumatic Healing provide educational, spiritual, and mental support to the community. Donivan Brown is the director.

800 Collective

Through public art workshops, participatory projects, and exhibits, 800 Collective develops art that creatively facilitates public discourse and community building.

Splash: Youth Arts Workshop

Splash is a year-round free youth arts workshop founded by professional artists: Charlie and Iantha Newton, two working artists who have a consuming passion to see young lives changed and are committed to working with some of Tennessee’s poorest kids from under served high-crime areas to mitigate some of the “at-risk” factors that negatively impact their lives.

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Register to vote, it will only take two minutes. Deadline for Tennessee voter registration is on the 30th day before any upcoming election.