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Surreal Art Game

Surreal Art Game


  • Magazines, newspapers, old books, or printed materials of any kind that can be cut up with illustrations, printed words of various sizes, colors etc.
  • Paper to glue your work onto
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Many artists use games and creative exercises to help them out when they are feeling stuck. Here is a fun art game inspired by artists from the Surrealist and Dada movements to jumpstart your creativity.



  1. Prepare your materials: In a group or on your own, go through your materials and cut out any images or words, colors and textures that grab your attention. Focus on a variety of sizes, shapes and so on and create a pile of images, people, animals, textured backgrounds, and words.
  2. Randomly grab from each pile of images and textures and arrange them onto a separate piece of paper. Try to create
    an interesting image by overlapping and creating interesting relationships between the images you are choosing.
  3. You can continue to grab randomly or begin to tell a story using the pictures and the way they are being arranged on your page. You can also use pencil to add to the collage with drawings and lines to create a setting or to add details that help connect the images.
  4. Once you have things they way you like them, glue into place. Hang on a wall or the fridge and share with others who played the game. Talk about what you made and what you were imagining and ask them about their process as well.

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