Tours & Group Rates

The Hunter offers three types of group tour experiences: self-guided, docent-guided, and docent-guided studio tours. More information about each option is below.

Materials to help you prepare for your group's visit, such as bus parking instructions, museum maps, permission to sketch forms, and gallery guides, can be found here.

For more information on tours and group rates, contact Education Coordinator Chelsea Higgins or (423) 752-0999.

College and university professors, to discuss a variety of visit and collection study options tailored to your syllabus and needs contact Curator of Education Adera Causey  or (423) 752-2053.

While we understand that there are often extenuating circumstances (illness, emergencies, priority of plans, etc.) causing group numbers to change, we ask that any increase in head count—within 14 days of your visit—be within 5 people. This is to insure that we can adequately prepare for your group to give you the best visiting experience possible. 

Special Tour Option for Title 1 Schools: Thanks to a special grant from Unum, the Hunter is able to partner with a select number of  regional Title 1 Schools to offer extended project-based learning experiences free of charge. Title 1 School teachers interested in developing an extended tailored experience for their students are encouraged to contact Manager of School and Teacher Programs Christine Bespalec-Davis or (423) 752-0990.

Self-Guided Tours

GROUP STUDENT RATE (Pre K-12): Tour the Hunter at your own pace and as an extension of your classroom.

  • Free for students in regional school groups located within a 50-mile radius of the Museum, thanks to a generous grant from the Unum group.
  • $2 per student for school groups located outside a 50-mile radius.

For all school groups, one adult chaperone, including teachers, per 10 students is required and is complimentary. Additional adult chaperones are $15 each.

Must be pre-registered at least 14 days in advance of arrival. MAXIMUM 60 STUDENTS PER SCHOOL GROUP

ADULT GROUP RATE: Tour the Hunter at your own pace with groups of 10 or more.

  • $13 per person.

Must be pre-registered at least 14 days in advance of arrival


Docent Guided Tours

Our Docents can guide your group through the Hunter Museum's galleries.


  • $4 per student for school groups

For all school groups, one adult chaperone, including teachers, per 10 students is required and is complimentary. Additional adult chaperones are $15 each.

Must be pre-registered at least 21 days in advance of arrival. MAXIMUM 60 STUDENTS PER SCHOOL GROUP


  • $16 per person for groups of 10 or more

Must be pre-registered at least 21 days in advance of arrival

Studio Tours

During a Studio Tour at the Hunter, your students will be able to create art and tour the Hunter in one visit. Studio Tours are led by docents and usually take around 90 minutes for most groups.

  • Please reserve your time slot at least 21 days in advance.
  • Limit 40 students due to studio capacity.
  • One chaperone per 10 students is required (includes teachers). Additional adult chaperones are $15 each.


Pre-K - 12 : $7

Below are the current Studio Tour offerings divided by grade groups.

Pre-K - 2nd grade

The American Landscape – From the many paintings of the American landscape on our walls to the views seen from our windows, the Hunter is filled with images of the land. We’ll look at these views to learn about spatial relationships including horizon lines, foreground, middle, and background. Then, use this new information in the studios to create your own landscape.

Hunter Shapes – How do those three big shapes make a pregnant whale in the work by Alexander Calder in front of the Hunter? How do they fit together? After looking at these and other shapes at the Hunter, you will create your own shape inspired artwork in our studio.

Art-vironments – Did the artist really see that happen? Is that place real or imaginary? You will learn the difference as students explore and discuss the concept of real and imaginary environments through the works in our permanent collection, followed by a creation of their own environment in our studios.

3rd grade - 5th grade

What’s the Story? – Find a story hidden in Hunter paintings as we discussthetales the artists are telling. We will identify literary elements, such as character, setting, and plot to “read” the paintings.

Art off the Wall – How do you make something look 3D? What kinds of materials do you use to make the artwork stand up? Explore various kinds of sculpture and materials artists use to create them by viewing sculptural works in our permanent collection. Discuss elements of design in sculpture from foundation to balance and create your own sculpture in our studios.

6th grade - 12th grade

An American Community Studio Tour - After discussing and identifying the use of perspective techniques in art, students will then illustrate buildings and other elements from their community using one-point perspective.

Symbols in America – Symbolic imagery can be a subtle and very effective means of communicating ideas in both art and literature. Explore examples of symbols in our permanent collection, then learn how to express ideas symbolically in your own work of art.

Off the Presses - Students will explore how artists in the Hunter’s collection used or were inspired by the forms of printed matter, such as newspapers, magazines, and posters, to create their own art. In the accompanying studio, students will learn about Zines (pronounced zeens)--small, do-it-yourself magazines devoted to any topic that can be made by collaging together text, drawings, and bits of printed materials