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Radcliffe Bailey

Radcliffe Bailey traveled to Africa in 2007 to further explore the roots of his African-American heritage. Boats, trunks and lanterns reference ideas of journey, passage and discovery—themes that have been part of Bailey’s work for a number of years. The artist had also been researching Marcus Garvey, who started the Universal Negro Improvement Association [UNIA] in 1914. Garvey was interested in “redeeming Africa” from European control and helping African Americans generally find a voice. The UNIA logo is scattered throughout Bailey’s painting. Although Bailey notes that he doesn’t agree with all that Garvey espoused, he is impressed by Garvey’s ability to organize people around a single cause.


Radcliffe Bailey (b. 1968), In the Returnal, 2007, photograph, acrylic, plant material, wax, Georgia red clay, glitter, oil stick on wood. Museum purchase. 2007.13
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