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  • Portraits may be taken inside the Museum on Wednesday mornings from 9am – 11:00am and must be concluded in the 2 hour time frame.
  • Fees are to be paid prior to the scheduled appointment. Portrait fee is $350.  There are discounts associated in conjunction with evening event space rental.
  • Portraits may be taken on the Mansion staircase, in the Grand Atrium, on the Grand Atrium staircase, on the outside terraces, or in front of the Mansion. Please plan ahead for the areas you would like to use.
  • Appointments for the portraits need to be made at least four weeks in advance to ensure the availability of staff to assist you. Please call to set up your appointment.
  • Photos may not be taken in any of the galleries, and all photo equipment must remain closed while walking through galleries. No food or drink is allowed in the museum while taking pictures.
  • Photos may only be taken by a professional photographer, and we ask that only the photographer, bride, and one other person be in attendance. A Hunter Museum staff member will be with you during the appointment.
  • Please help us care for our facility and the art work by never moving any object (such as art work, furniture, or pedestals), and not placing anything on the gallery furniture.
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