Hunter Museum opens exhibition honoring local artist Alan White

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (March 22, 2013)As artist Alan White prepares to retire from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s art department, the Hunter Museum will host an exhibition celebrating his work and his contribution to the Chattanooga art community.  The exhibit opens March 30 and continues until June 9.

White, a native of Scotland, came to the University of Tennessee in 1972 and served as head of the art department for 20 years.

The exhibit features a sampling of pieces from the last 40 years. Some works are from White’s undergraduate work, while others are from present-day, marking the artist’s growth and progression. Although initially interested in the figure, White has explored an abstracted house form for much of his career. Many of his works reference his homeland of Scotland, the rural areas around northern Vermont and the Florida coast where he has spent quite a bit of time.

“This work reflects my ongoing interest in structural form – originally rural, more recently coastal,” White said. “It also reflects my interest in land forms in and of themselves, and, of course, light.”

White’s paintings, though usually minimal, are lush investigations of texture and composition, with built up surfaces that are then often scraped down to open up the layers underneath, said Nandini Makrandi, Contemporary Curator for the Hunter Museum.

An influence on White’s work is Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a late 19th century Scottish architect and designer whose work defied Victorian sensibilities by creating designs and furnishings that were spare and unpretentious.  Early 20th century Italian artist Giorgio Morandi is another inspiration for White. The quiet tonality of Morandi’s still lifes is referenced in White’s subtle coloration and the simplicity of his structures.

“Alan White’s involvement over the last 40 years with our artistic community is significant,” said Makrandi. “His enthusiasm and love for art and teaching have inspired and influenced countless students.”


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