Museum Manners

you will find a copy of this form under Summer camp forms which will need to be signed and returned to the hunter prior to the first day of camp

please do not run or push 

Not only could you injure yourself or another person, but you could accidentally bump into a piece of art and damage it.

please do not touch the artwork

It is tempting! Although, the natural oils on your fingers will cause stains that damage the art.

please do not climb on sculptures

Large pieces of sculpture may look a lot like a jungle gym, but they are works of art and can be damaged!

please use your inside voice

People visiting the museum enjoy looking at the art in a calm, quiet environment. Loud voices and stomping feet can disturb others.

please stay with your group at all times

If you wander away from the group, you could get lost and miss all the fun activities!


** PARENTS, we reserve the right to remove a child from an activity or from camp if their behavior is disruptive or dangerous to them or to other camp participants. **


Upcoming Children's events

There are no items to display from the selected collection.