Exhibiting Work At the Hunter Museum:

Persons with exhibition proposals or artists interested in exhibiting their artwork at the Hunter Museum of American Art should submit a letter of interest to the Chief Curator and Curator of Contemporary Art, Nandini Makrandi. The letter should be accompanied by:

  • 10-20 images of proposed work
  • A resume
  • Any critical reviews
  • A SASE for return of materials. You will receive a response in 6-8 weeks.

Anyone submitting proposals or work should understand that the Hunter exhibition schedule is set 3-5 years in advance and covers a broad range of American art from the last 200 years. Therefore, opportunities for solo exhibits for contemporary artists are limited. Staff will critically evaluate the submission packet, conduct independent research, and apply the following criteria:

  • Artists should have national recognition consisting of solo gallery and/or museum exhibitions and critical reviews.
  • Emerging artists will be considered for an exhibition if their work is especially innovative in media or in response to social issues.
  • Artwork should be inventive, challenging, and thought provoking.
  • Other factors that influence an exhibition decision include--but are not limited to--the following:
    • Exhibit offers diversity; both in terms of artists represented and in types of media. For example, film and installations are under represented at the Hunter and the staff is interested in exploring opportunities to work with artists working in those areas.
    • Exhibit brings work to the area that has not been available before.
    • Art coordinates and balances with both the Hunter Museum permanent collection and overall exhibition schedule.


Submit proposals to:

Nandini Makrandi
Hunter Museum of American Art
10 Bluff View
Chattanooga, TN 37403