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Have you ever noticed how beautiful a bug can be? Some of them are so brightly colored it looks like they fell into paint. Others have intricate patterns that make them so pretty to look at. We’ll use those colors and patterns as our inspiration for art making in this bug themed Pre-K Workshop.  

$8 Members

$12 General Public

Introduce your preschooler to the world of art through monthly visits to the Hunter Museum! You and your budding artist will explore different themes through gallery activities and art making. This program is for children ages 2-5 and one adult. Program fee includes admission for you and your child and all supplies.


Sick and Cancellation Policy

The Hunter Museum works to provide a safe and healthy environment for all our visitors. We believe children prefer to be home in a comfortable environment when they are not feeling well. A general rule to follow is that if your child has a fever or is too sick to go to school, they are too sick to visit the Museum. If your child is ill or recuperating from an illness, we ask that you postpone your child’s participation in Hunter Museum classes until he or she is able to return to all normal activities. If your child becomes ill while in a class or camp, we will call you to pick him or her up as soon as possible.


-          Once your registration for a camp or class is complete, your registration is non-refundable. Only exchanges to other camps or classes will be permissible. Exceptions to this policy include cases of extreme illness or emergency.

-          Class and program dates are subject to change. The Hunter Museum reserves the right to cancel classes and programs when necessary. Under these circumstances, fees will be refunded to registered participants.